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Income Calculator

This calculator determines how much income you need to make to afford your house payment and accompanying expenses. The additional expenses consist primarily of taxes and insurance. Please keep in mind that this calculation does not include any homeowner's due or association dues. If you know what these expenses are, please include them in the amount that you enter for for the property tax.

How Much Income to Afford Payment

PLEASE NOTE: This calculator works on a national average. There are several markets (California, New York) where the numbers may not seem accurate. Please keep in mind that if you are earning less than the calculated amount, you are bringing on additional risk by purchasing a home. We strongly advise that you find a house that matches your income level!

Simply fill in the boxes below, and we'll tell you.

How much do I have to earn?
Total Home Mortgage Amount: $
Annual Interest Rate: %
Term of the Loan: years
Annual Real Estate Taxes: $
Monthly Debt Obligations: $

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